Stephan Leschke, CEO, Ferrari electronic AGStephan Leschke, CEO
Having pioneered computer-based fax in 1989, today, Ferrari electronic AG is playing a vital role in the dynamic enterprise communication landscape. The company offers solutions to help enterprises communicate faster in a simple and secure way. Ferrari electronic covers the whole portfolio of communication, starting from unified messaging, unified communication to call recording. “These are the three pillars of our business,” says Stephan Leschke, CEO of Ferrari electronic. Explaining further Leschke says that today enterprises use multiple ways to communicate, including email, fax, telephony and more, however, with the unified messaging solution these means can be integrated into a single interface. Also, existing email systems, like Microsoft Exchange usually form the platform on which all channels converge, so users do not have to switch frequently from one application to another. The company’s OfficeMaster software integrates fax, SMS, and voicemail into all e-mail and application systems, and instead of an e-mail address, users need to provide a fax number or select sender’s details from their contacts, add documents and send. The same simple process happens at the receiver end as the faxes land automatically on the server, giving complete freedom to the recipient to edit, forward, delete or archive the fax.

Like messaging, communication through the telephone system is also changing. Software solutions are replacing traditional telephone systems. Ferrari electronic helps enterprises in the gradual modernization of corporate telephony as per their needs. Besides, if enterprises are already using Lync or Skype for Business in presence control, video conferencing, desktop sharing, and instant messaging, Ferrari electronic's Enterprise Voice feature help them in extending their existing solution.

Since 2014, call recording is also one of the significant solutions of Ferrari electronic, which enables enterprises to record individual telephone calls as a secure proof of agreements for documentation or the improvement of service and process quality. The company's OfficeMaster CallRecording suite offers professional and reliable solutions for telephone recording. Ferrari electronic's different hardware and software components enable users to record calls easily and legally on their premises using their communication solution. "Our call recording enables enterprises to optimise their sales, service quality and processes effortlessly," points out Leschke.

Ferrari electronic covers the whole portfolio of communication, starting from unified messaging, unified communication to call recording

Considering the future of the business, which revolves around reliable, structured document exchange, Ferrari electronic also provides a solution that makes document exchange safe and secure. The company calls this solution as the next generation document exchange (NGDX). Ferrari electronic’s NGDX is a legally secure file exchange process that can be used across industries.

Being industry agnostic, NGDX enables professionals from different industries to share documents among themselves, which means attorneys can share information with lawyers, doctors with insurance agents or vice versa. It is a standalone solution, which is compliant and tamper-proof and can be stored automatically in the business process management systems. It can easily be integrated into several other platforms, like SAP or Cisco. Providing the best level of security to businesses, Ferrari electronic establishes a direct connection between the sender and the recipient while exchanging documents through NGDX. However, the transmission only starts once the recipient confirms he or she can receive the document. “People want to exchange documents, and they want to exchange them securely. However, email is not the best choice regarding safety, but our NGDX moves safety to the next level," extols Leschke.

NGDX is also fully detectable as only the receipt acknowledgement can confirm the secure transmission of the document. After receiving the document, the recipient gives transmitter feedback about the document and the number of pages that have been received. Both sides—sender and receiver—can then store this information. Besides, Ferrari electronic’s NGDX is the only solution that integrates blockchain into its document exchange verification process, which ensures that the document is safe and not manipulated. “This is what we are doing at the moment with our blockchain verified document exchange solution. We can easily prove that the conversation has taken place and there is this document that has been exchanged. We can also track if any party has modified the document,” notes Leschke.

Today, more than 50,000 companies with five million users utilise Ferrari electronic's unified communications solutions. The company serves from small, medium businesses to large enterprises. Among the most prominent include Allianz Suisse, Messe Munich, Techniker Krankenkasse, and TU Chemnitz. Sharing an interesting anecdote on that note, Leschke mentions how EUROVIA, one of the world's leading transport infrastructure construction and urban development companies, faced difficulty in modernising its telephone system. They eventually opted for Microsoft Lync, also known as Skype for Business, as they wanted more features than a regular Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). However, soon they faced another challenge of finding a partner who has the capability of uncoiling the complex structure of the Microsoft system. They found about Ferrari electronic and with ACP, a Ferrari electronic’s gold-partner, EUROVIA successfully migrated their systems in 2014.

Over the years, Ferrari electronic has proved its mettle. As the company’s tag line says, “Your satisfaction is our motivation,” Ferrari electronic is always working towards to enhance its services to serve its clients better. At the end of the first quarter of 2019, the company is launching OfficeMaster Suite 7, which will include a document exchange server that will take data transfer to a new level. “OfficeMaster Suite 7 will bring the new way of exchanging documents including blockchain verification security, which will be encrypted or digitally signed to meet the highest security demands,” concludes Leschke.